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Inbound Marketing Tips, News & Insights

3 Ways to Integrate Videos Into Your Email Marketing

Posted by Prism Global Marketing Solutions

Integrating videos in your emails can have a huge impact on your email marketing efforts, and can help improve their effectiveness across the...

7 Tips to Improve the Click-Through Rates of Your Digital Ads

Posted by Prism Global Marketing Solutions


A good click-through rate means your ads are relevant and helpful. Search engine algorithms recognize the notion that people click on your ads...

3 Essential Tips for Event Email Marketing Success

Posted by Prism Global Marketing Solutions

Common event email marketing mistakes like unclear calls to action or complex registration processes can leave your campaign cold and your event...

A Professional Take on Email Marketing Campaigns: 7 Mistakes to Avoid

Posted by Prism Global Marketing Solutions

Many claim that email marketing is essentially dead. Why?

Because people’s inboxes are filled with ads and marketing materials that frustrate...

7 Emotional Triggers to Get Your Email Subscribers Hooked

Posted by Prism Global Marketing Solutions

Everybody feels. Most often, the way we feel influences our decisions and actions. Can you still remember the last time you bought an item because...

As a CEO, Why Should You Care About Email Marketing?

Posted by Elyse Flynn Meyer

 With 94% of B2B buyers saying they conduct research before purchasing a business product, companies are realizing that they can’t wait for their...

6 Tips to Increase Your Email Marketing Conversion Rates

Posted by Elyse Flynn Meyer

Contrary to what others might say, email marketing is not dead. The fact is, email marketing has simply evolved.  It is no longer about delivering...