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Marketing & Sales Certifications

HubSpot Agency Certifications

Why is it important to ensure your HubSpot agency of record has been certified in all things inbound? When you're looking for a HubSpot certified agency to manage your inbound marketing strategy in conjunction with the HubSpot platform, you want to make sure the agency knows every facet of the platform, as well as the strategy behind it.  Learn more about the HubSpot certifications required for every member of our team.


HubSpot Platinum Partners are acknowledged through the use of a combination of metrics, looking at customer retention, software engagement, and actual inbound marketing success. This metric is evaluated every 30 days.




The Inbound Marketing Certification from HubSpot reviews the fundamentals of how to attract visitors, convert leads, close customers and delight customers into promoters of your brand.


The HubSpot Certification is a two-part customer-exclusive certification that tests an individual's working knowledge of everything HubSpot, as well as inbound best practices.

Contextual marketing creates a personalized experience so the right content is delivered to the right person at the right time. This certification ensures a clear understanding of contextual marketing, and how that functions with HubSpot.


This certification tests the proficiency with HubSpot's design tools by creating styled templates that help new and existing HubSpot customers hit their marketing goals with responsive, smart websitess


This certification provides a comprehensive approach to using email marketing as a sustainable channel to close leads and delight customers.





The HubSpot Partner Certification focuses on how HubSpot-tiered partners should manage services, deliver services and retain clients utilizing best practices in inbound marketing.



The HubSpot Inbound Sales Certification covers the basics of what inbound sales is all about, from identifying potential buyers, to developing outreach strategies.





The HubSpot Accredited Trainer (HAT) program is comprised of the highest qualified inbound marketing and sales professionals who have been hand-selected by HubSpot to provide HubSpot accredited training to organizations around the globe.


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This certification demonstrates proficiency in the theory and practice of inbound. It tests knowledge of inbound best practices and the ability to apply those practices using HubSpot to achieve measurable results.




This certification demonstrates the ability to effectively create, repurpose, and promote content to further grow your business, and your career.




Developing Sales Plan HS-1

The Developing a Sales Plan Certification demonstrates the ability to put together a focused and actionable sales plan.


Delivering Sales Services HS 11.16.33 AM

This certification demonstrates the ability to successfully package, price, and deliver sales services to existing clients.


Delivering Client Success Image

This certification demonstrates the ability to deliver clear client success with transparent metrics, and how to get your team ready to continue these efforts after the onboarding phase.



Client Management Image

This certification demonstrates the ability to successfully manage your clients during each lifecycle stage.


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