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6 Tips to Creating an Effective Inbound Marketing Email

Posted by Prism Global Marketing Solutions | 3 Minutes to Read

Businessman pressing messaging type of modern icons with virtual backgroundNo matter the scale or niche in which your business operates, you can gain a lot from engaging and re-engaging leads through email marketing. Rather than personally reaching out to cold leads, email marketing focuses on drawing the customers’ attention to your brand.

According to HubSpot, 73% of millennials prefer communicating with businesses via email, with 59% of users stating that it positively influences their purchase decisions. With that in mind, how do you craft a solid email in order to better introduce your brand to a new audience or re-engage your brand with an existing audience?

As you may know, inbound email marketing is very different compared to mass email marketing. Inbound email marketing emphasizes planning, audience segmentation, and proper value proposition presentation over quantity of emails sent. This makes it a more lucrative and worthwhile mailing strategy to adopt, whether you’re just starting your promotional campaign or already reach out to leads. Pairing smart writing with SEO keyword choices can pay off quite quickly. Some of the most important benefits you can look forward to from introducing a proper email marketing strategy include:

  • Generating relevant leads as opposed to a lukewarm mass audience
  • Seeing sustainable, scalable and allows for great creativity
  • Improving brand reputation and customers’ trust due to a strategic mailing system
  • Centralizing inbound email marketing through a platform like HubSpot

6 Tips to Creating an Effective Inbound Marketing Email

1. Clearly Define Your Value Proposition

Given the fact that inbound email marketing relies on strategic outreach, you should be clear on the message you want to send to your leads. As a business, your value proposition should focus on the services and products you are able to provide to potential customers. In order to make the most out of inbound emails, your content should be succinct, easily scannable, and actionable so that readers can clearly react. Subsequently, a custom writing service to clear up your email’s content in regards to flow, wording, and editing is sometimes an idea that companies consider.

2. Focus on Subject Lines
Even though inbound email marketing revolves around reaching out to users who have willingly subscribed to your emails, subject lines still matter. Your subject lines are the first impression anyone will have of your brand, making them critical to reach your email marketing goals. More and more users read emails via mobile and smartphone devices, so making short and informative subject lines is essential. Limit your subject lines to 3-6 words in length or around 50 characters to keep things focused and allow for quick reading.

3. Format to Facilitate Skimming
Speaking of mobile users, short attention spans are also a noteworthy element of writing good inbound emails. You can meet your recipients halfway and make it easy to read through your content by actively facilitating skimming through smart formatting. Make ample use of bullet points, numbers, bolds, italics, as well as short paragraphs interspersed with relevant visuals. This will make your emails far more enjoyable to read, and it will positively affect your engagement rates.

4. Make Subscribing/Unsubscribing Straightforward
Once users subscribe to your emails through a sign-up form or purchase on your website, they will start receiving email content alongside other customers. Allowing customers to subscribe and unsubscribe from your emails is essential to continue to build and maintain trust. Prospects will likely convert to email recipients on their own volition in the hopes of receiving personalized, relevant offers from you. Allowing them to quickly and easily unsubscribe through a dedicated link in the footer of your email’s body is important.

5. Utilize a Content Calendar
You should give your writers and marketers as much time as possible between emails to
write proper content for future outreach. Adopting a content calendar approach to outreach is helpful, and your audience will appreciate the thoughtfulness in this approach. This will help you identify when you are sending sales emails, blog emails, newsletter emails, and more.

6. Track and Analyze Your Results
Once your inbound email marketing strategy is underway, you will inevitably generate data in regards to the users’ interaction with your content. In order to make the most out of inbound marketing, it’s important that you track and analyze how the customer base reacts to your writing. You should take advantage of the opportunity and
optimize your email marketing through analysis and subsequent improvements to your strategy. This will enable you to gradually iron out existing bottlenecks and improve on the positive aspects of your email strategy without losing the built momentum.

Inbound email marketing is a channel of communication to help you engage your audience. Continue to experiment, innovate, and rethink the ways in which you write emails, calls-to-action, and other content included in your emails. Don’t become complacent with performance, and always try to outdo your previous email campaign with fresh ideas and approaches to educating your prospects and customers with helpful content. 

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Guest Author: Jessica Fender is a copywriter and blogger at GetGoodGrade with a background in marketing and sales. She enjoys sharing her experience with like-minded professionals who aim to provide customers with high-quality services.

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Posted by Prism Global Marketing Solutions

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