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Email Marketing Optimization Services

Maximize Your Email Marketing & Marketing Automation Performance

Email marketing is incredibly powerful for communicating with prospects and customers. Many people think email is overused and ineffective, but that is not the case. When done correctly, email marketing can increase your engagement with contacts, drive re-engaged leads, and turn those leads into customers. If you're looking to optimize your email efforts, we are here to help!

Email Marketing Services Include:

  • Discovery call with crucial marketing team members on your previous email marketing strategy
  • Analyze prior email marketing plan, including open rates, click rates, subject lines, and more
  • Strategy development of email marketing program targeted at your unique buyer personas
  • Recommendations on when to send one-time "batch" emails versus automated emails
  • A/B testing to determine what content, subject lines, and templates resonate best with your audience
  • Optimization of your email scheduling to send your emails based on when each contact is likely to open and click on your emails (Read our case study here)
  • Audit your email marketing templates with recommendations for improvements, including readability, content, imagery, and responsiveness
  • Roadmap of best practices to keep in mind as you continue with your email marketing strategy (ongoing services also available)

See growth like this to improve your open rates, click rates, engagement, and new contacts from email marketing with our unique email optimization services.
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