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3 Reasons to Include Sustainability in Your Digital Marketing Strategy

Posted by Prism Global Marketing Solutions | 3 Minutes to Read

More and more consumers are communicating how important it is to connect with and support brands that share their same values. Business owners constantly look for new ways to connect with their current and potential customers by exploring opportunities in their marketing strategies. One of those opportunities is rooted in a growing consumer value: sustainability.

The demand for sustainability across the board in businesses is increasing among consumers. It shapes their buying behaviors, influences who they choose to invest in services with, and impacts their overall lifestyle choices. Because sustainability is so valued by consumers, it’s equally important to include it in your marketing strategy.

First, we'll discuss the three reasons you should include sustainability in your digital marketing strategy. Then we’ll cover how businesses can consist of their sustainability efforts in their marketing communications.

1. Sustainability Benefits the Planet
Incorporating sustainability into your digital marketing will result in apparent benefits to the planet. These benefits include reducing carbon footprint, lowering energy usage, and eliminating pollution. Sustainability speaks to your business’s eco-friendly practices, brand values, and products/services. 

The point of sustainability is to nurture the longevity of our world. So, incorporating environmentally-friendly strategies like using digital platforms for marketing, utilizing virtual events over in-person ones, or using sustainable packaging shows your sustainability efforts vs. simply talking about them.  Creating a sustainable marketing strategy is a great way to ensure your sustainability efforts reach all parts of your business. Don’t just talk the talk when it comes to sustainability; walk the walk.

2. Sustainability Draws in Younger Consumers
The use of digital marketing strategies that exclude sustainability is decreasing among businesses because the core of today’s consumer base is the younger generation. Millennials and Gen Zers lead the sustainability movement and have no plans to back down from establishing a greener planet. Including sustainability in your marketing ensures you cater to this large pool of potential customers.  

Not only does the younger generation make up a large segment of current consumers, but they also fill out a large section of the workforce. The younger generation all heavily considers environmental activism, social responsibility, and philanthropic efforts before they choose to work for or support any business. To attract individuals in this generation to your workforce or your customer base, you’ll need to put your commitment to social issues, saving the planet, and sustainable values at the forefront of everything you do.

3. Sustainability Increases the Longevity of Your Business
The longevity of your business depends on your ability to connect with your current and potential customers through shared values and your ability to provide solutions to their pressing needs.

Sustainability is only growing in popularity as a required value of the brands consumers choose to invest in. You should include sustainability in your marketing because it will help build a loyal customer base for your brand. People are more vocal about their desire for sustainable brands that are committed to sustainability across the entire company.

Submerging your brand in sustainability practices and values is extremely attractive and show that you listen to their changing needs and values. Loyal customers are vital to establishing a long-lasting business. Make it a priority to keep up with the evolving needs and values of your customers.

How to Include Sustainability in Your Marketing Communications
Marketing communications include printed materials, website content, presentations, ads, and other PR activities, including branding and packaging. The apparel industry is one of the least sustainable industries in the world. Making the right packaging and branding decisions is crucial to successfully integrating sustainability into all of your marketing communications.

Be transparent about your sustainability initiatives and your progress on them. You should be open about your sustainability efforts in your marketing communications and share where you are on your journey to your overall environmental and social goals. Show that sustainability is a priority for your business by consistently and genuinely talking about its role in your business.

Transition to a digital-focused marketing strategy that includes social media, text message marketing, live-streaming platforms, email, and other appropriate digital channels. Digital marketing significantly reduces carbon footprint and eliminates traditional marketing strategies that are harmful to the environment. At the end of every marketing communication, give customers a way to get in touch with you that shows your sustainability efforts, like scheduling a virtual consultation, connecting with you on your social media channels, or attending one of your virtual events.

If you want to begin successfully incorporating sustainability into your marketing, start by transitioning to a digital-focused marketing strategy, using your branding and packaging to communicate your sustainability efforts, and consistently sharing updates on your environmental and social goals.

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