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Prism Global Marketing Wins AMA Spectrum Award for Email Marketing

Posted by Prism Global Marketing Solutions | 1 Minute to Read

Spectrum.pngPrism Global Marketing Solutions is honored to announce that we received the 2017 American Marketing Association Spectrum Award for Email Marketing.  The Spectrum Awards honors excellence in marketing in Arizona in a wide variety of areas such as: digital marketing, branding, video, television, and much more.

About the Email Marketing Award:

While you may hear people say that email marketing is a thing of the past, that isn't quite true. Email marketing, as it was done several years ago, is becoming obsolete, but email marketing that is focused on contributing to a more personalized communication with an individual person is what can dramatically influence your email efforts.

In the email marketing efforts that we manage for our clients, we use HubSpot, the leading all-in-one inbound marketing software, and Seventh Sense, a HubSpot integration that analyzes historical email engagement data. These two platforms build a profile on each subscriber and then empowers marketers to automatically send campaigns at personally- optimized times. These platforms, combined with a holistic email marketing strategy, have had a tremendous impact on overall email marketing engagement.

 Some of the key results highlighted for the AMA Spectrum Awards submission are:

  • Increased Open Rate of 5.1% (percentage of individuals opening emails)
  • Increased Click Through Rate of 18.1% (percentage of individuals clicking within an email)
  • Increased Rate of New Contacts from Email by 85%(visit-to-contact rate from email)
  • Decreased Time to Achieve Similar Email Results by 17% (faster time to convert contacts)
  • Re-engaged 15% of Dormant Contacts (individuals who had not engaged since 2015)

Download the case study.

How are the awards judged?

AMA Phoenix selects a highly respected panel of professionals to judge the Spectrum Awards. The Awards subcommittee determines the judging criteria and is responsible for tabulating the final results. The expert panel of judges review the submission based on the summary of the campaign, its objectives, strategies, tactics and results. All point scoring is on a percentage scale: 100 percent is the highest possible score. The entry with the highest percentage in its category is the winner.

We are honored to receive the 2017 American Marketing Association Spectrum Award for Email Marketing. And congratulations to the other finalists and winners of the Spectrum Awards this year!

If you're interested in learning more, we invite you to download the email marketing case study.

Download the Case Study

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