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The Latest HubSpot Product Updates from INBOUND 2023

Posted by Elyse Flynn Meyer | 3 Minutes to Read

Growing a business has never been easy, but in recent years, it seems it has become even more complex with the changing ways people work and expect communication from brands. Dramatic shifts in buyer behavior have made it harder for organizations to connect with prospects and customers. The theme from INBOUND 2023 really centered around the Sales Hub and growing that deeper connection with prospects and the various ways that marketers can improve efficiency and speed to delivery with AI.  The following are the product updates that we find to be the most exciting and beneficial for organizations to consider when evaluating a truly connected marketing and sales platform.

  • One to Many SMS Messaging: Leverage unified HubSpot data with SMS to deliver personalized reminders, offers, and updates to drive engagement and action. (HubSpot tool: Marketing Pro & Enterprise and is an additional cost). 
  • AI Subject Line Generator: Content creators can now easily generate an email subject line for their campaign, complementing the ability to generate and edit email copy within the Email Editor. Powered by email insights and best practices from HubSpot, the Subject Line Generator will read the content of your marketing email and generate three subject lines accordingly. (HubSpot tool: Marketing all versions)
  • AI Content Ideas (Powered by SEMRush): A new content idea generation tool for blogs designed to bust "blank page syndrome" and help you start blogging. Powered by ChatGPT and keyword data from Semrush, this tool makes it easy to generate blog post topics, suggested post titles, descriptions, and outlines.  (HubSpot tool: Marketing all versions)
  • Other AI Tools: The theme of updates to the Marketing Hub centered around AI. Some of the other updates include AI report generation, AI social copy, AI ad copy, AI landing page copy, AI webpage development, and more. While these are great for a quick solution, remember it's always best to have a marketer or content writer review and edit the copy before it's published. (HubSpot tool: Marketing)
  • Stripe Payment Processing: Quickly collect money from your existing Stripe account without needing to move between a HubSpot and Stripe accounts. (HubSpot tool: all versions)
  • HubSpot Invoicing: HubSpot invoices are payable via HubSpot payments (both ACH and Credit Card) and Stripe payment processing but can also be marked as paid manually if payment is received outside of HubSpot payments. (HubSpot tool: all versions)
  • Deal Tags: You can now create colored deal tags, making it easier for sales reps to visually scan the board view and know which deals to prioritize. (HubSpot tool: Sales Starter, Pro & Enterprise)
  • Deal Journey Analytics: Get a true reflection of the path from prospect to revenue and see where your deals are dropping off or skipping steps. (HubSpot tool: Sales Enterprise)
  • Prospect Activities Report: This out-of-the-box report gives sales managers insight into their teams’ and reps’ activities. Prospecting activities help you assess the effectiveness of your sales processes, resource allocation, and team performance. (HubSpot tool: Sales Pro & Enterprise)
  • Lead & Sales Reporting: Get data on how sales engage with quality leads and which sources contribute to the highest-value contacts. (HubSpot tool: Sales Pro & Enterprise)
  • Lead Form Conditional Logic: For each form submission, users can have conditional logic set to change what thank you message, URL, or meeting scheduling page appears, based on the form response. This will allow marketing and sales teams to automate their own qualification rules. (HubSpot tool: Sales Enterprise)
  • Meeting Booking on Behalf of Others: This new functionality may seem simple, but it will help to improve overall processes. Now, anyone can book a meeting on behalf of another member of the team member directly on a prospect or customer's contact record. (HubSpot tool: Sales Pro & Enterprise)
  • A/B Testing in Sequences: This functionality will enable you to test different content in your sales sequences, similar to how you may do this for marketing emails, giving you the data you need to optimize your sales communications. (HubSpot tool: Sales Pro & Enterprise)
  • Sales Prospecting Workspace: The new workspace will help reps organize their day efficiently, keeping them focused on daily activities, surfacing new or urgent activities, and tying all of their initiatives back to their big-picture goals. (HubSpot tool: Sales Pro & Enterprise)

These are some of our favorite product updates from INBOUND 2023. If you're interested in learning more and seeing how you can use some of these new tools in HubSpot, schedule a complimentary consultation, and we would be happy to walk you through the updates.

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Elyse Flynn Meyer

Posted by Elyse Flynn Meyer

Elyse Flynn Meyer is the Owner and Founder of Prism Global Marketing Solutions, an inbound marketing agency and HubSpot Platinum Partner based in Phoenix, Arizona. Elyse is the author of the book, Mastering Inbound Marketing Your Complete Guide to Building a Results-Driven Inbound Strategy. She is a frequent contributor to Forbes on digital marketing, and was named Marketer of the Year by the American Marketing Association.