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The Latest HubSpot Product Updates from INBOUND 2022

Posted by Elyse Flynn Meyer | 2 Minutes to Read

Growing a business has never been easy, but in recent years, it seems it has become more complex with the changing ways people work and expect communication from brands. Dramatic shifts in buyer behavior, compounded by the pandemic, have made it harder for organizations to connect with prospects and customers. Organizations around the globe are suffering from a crisis of disconnection: disconnected data and systems, disconnected customers, and disconnected people. HubSpot's product announcements aim to solve this challenge by helping companies provide privacy and ownership, flexible buying experiences, and deeper connections with brands and their people.

Every year, there are many new and exciting announcements at INBOUND, and this year is no exception. The following are the product updates that we find to be the most exciting and beneficial for organizations to consider when evaluating a truly connected marketing and sales platform.

  • Customer Journey Analytics: Marketers' goals and reporting needs are vastly different between organizations, and one-size-fits-all reporting often doesn't make the cut. New customer journey analytics allows marketers to visualize their customer's entire end-to-end journey and get deep insights into optimizing the moments that matter most for increased conversion.
  • WhatsApp Integration: Teams can connect a WhatsApp business account as a messaging channel in the shared inbox and communicate with prospects and customers.
  • CRM Configuration Customization: Admins can optimize the right sidebar for reps by showing or hiding card sections. Customers can configure conditional logic to show only relevant cards to different teams.
  • Automation Recommendations: Forget the manual burden of fixing data errors. HubSpot's Artificial intelligence continuously scans your database for issues and recommends automations to fix them. 
  • Enhanced Imports for Data Quality: Stop bad data before it starts. The new import experience flags and resolves data errors before they can be published to the CRM. That means less manual work and less reactive problem-solving down the road, giving you more time and confidence to level your impact.
  • Property Validations: Enforcing consistency is key to keeping your data clean over time. Property validations give you more control over the data that reps enter manually without adding annoying processes or procedures that can slow them down.
  • Data Quality Command Center: You can't fix what you can't find. In the data quality command center, get at-a-glance insights on the health of all your HubSpot data in one place. Identify stale properties, integration bottlenecks, and more to get ahead of problems.
  • Deal Card Configuration: Know your customer better at every deal stage. Admins can now select up to four properties to display on board cards of all pipeline objects - deals, tickets, and custom objects.
  • Payment Schedules: A payment schedule allows merchants selling services to break down a large bill into a series of installments, each with its due date, amount, and name
  • Product Library Sync: Connect third-party apps to your HubSpot product library to run a data sync bi-directionally. Setting product sync up is just as easy as setting up any other data sync through the app marketplace.
  • Invoice Sync: Before, data sync worked with contacts, companies, and deals. With Invoice Sync, you can sync your invoices one way from third-party apps (Quickbooks, Dynamics 365, NetSuite, etc.) to HubSpot. This expands beyond just Quickbooks Online and further embeds it in the data sync framework.
  • Data Health: Understand integration health and diagnose syncing issues quickly and efficiently to ensure your systems and teams stay aligned around consistent data as you scale.

These are some of our favorite product updates from INBOUND 2022. If you're interested in learning more and seeing how you can use some of these new tools in HubSpot, schedule a complimentary consultation, and we would be happy to walk you through the updates.

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Elyse Flynn Meyer

Posted by Elyse Flynn Meyer

Elyse Flynn Meyer is the Owner and Founder of Prism Global Marketing Solutions, an inbound marketing agency and HubSpot Platinum Partner based in Phoenix, Arizona. Elyse is the author of the book, Mastering Inbound Marketing Your Complete Guide to Building a Results-Driven Inbound Strategy. She is a frequent contributor to Forbes on digital marketing, and was named Marketer of the Year by the American Marketing Association.