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HubSpot Product Announcements from #INBOUND17

Posted by Elyse Flynn Meyer | 4 Minutes to Read


Inbound17.pngINBOUND, HubSpot's annual inbound marketing and sales conference, is happening now in Boston, MA, and there's a lot of exciting product updates from this year's conference! Here's a quick round up of the some of our favorite product updates and launches from #INBOUND17.  

HubSpot Marketing Product Updates:

Facebook Integration (including Lead Ads): HubSpot announced that they are deepening their integration with Facebook.

  • To start,  you can now post videos directly to Facebook from HubSpot, which will help you leverage more of your all-in-one social reporting directly in HubSpot.
  • Next, HubSpot is integrating Lead Ads into your portals (the Ads Add-On is not required). You can now build Lead Ads directly from HubSpot and those leads will be integrated directly into the tool for more of a seamless and automated connection with your prospects.  
  • Finally, you can sync audiences directly to Facebook, including Smart Lists for retargeting, website visitors, and even Lookalike Campaigns (available in the Ads Add-On).
(Launch: Available now for Basic, Pro and Enterprise.)

Content Strategy: Get more traffic with less content. Content marketing has seen a lot of changes during the past few years. Many of these changes can be attributed to the evolving search landscape, as well as a shift in the way people are actually discovering content. More sophisticated search algorithms, changes in the way people use search engines, and new ways that marketers  develop their content are just a few of the contributing factors and outcomes. Because of this, HubSpot recently launched Content Strategy as part of all HubSpot portals. This new tool gives marketers the ability to create topic clusters of content ideas. The basic premise behind building a topic cluster content program is to enable deeper coverage across a range of core topic areas, while creating an efficient information architecture in the process. The benefit of this model, in addition to organizing your site architecture, is that one high performing cluster page can elevate search rankings for all the other pages linked to the same pillar. (Launch: Available now in Basic, Pro and Enterprise accounts.)

Shopify Integration: HubSpot now has a native integration with Shopify for eCommerce. Your products now sync to HubSpot, and you can use these products to segment lists and trigger workflows. Purchases can also sync to HubSpot to help you streamline analytics, and have true end-to-end reporting. You can now leverage list automation, segmentation and workflows for things like cart abandonment, and much more. (Anticipated Launch: Beta coming in Q4 2017)

New Campaign Reporting: HubSpot Campaign Reporting has had some major updates. In the past, Campaigns have been good for organizing content, but not necessarily for reporting on true campaign metrics. With HubSpot's new Campaign Reporting, you can now track how many contacts were both created and influenced by any of your campaign assets. And when any deal closes, the credit (revenue) for that deal is given to all the campaigns that influenced those contacts along the way. (Anticipated Launch: The new HubSpot Campaign Reporting will be included in Basic, Pro and Enterprise. This is in early beta, and you can request beta access here.)

Additional New Reporting: There are also a variety of other new reporting functions that are available in all HubSpot accounts now (the Reporting Add-On is not required). Some of these new featured include: Web Analytics, Context-Optional Dashboards, Pre-Built New HubSpot Reports, and more. (Launch: Available now for Basic, Pro and Enterprise.)

Instagram Reminders: A new posting solution for Instagram allows you to draft and schedule posts inside the HubSpot desktop experience, then post via HubSpot Mobile and Instagram. When the chosen scheduled time comes around, the user will receive a notification that it's time to post. (Anticipated Launch: Q42017 to be rolled out in beta.)

HubSpot Collect: Connect the way you work with HubSpot. With this new Google Chrome extension you can streamline your research by clipping full pages, images and quotes from around the web. From there, you can insert directly into  blog posts in one click. (Launch: Available now to download in Google Chrome.)

HubSpot Customer Hub: HubSpot Customer Hub will help you as marketers and business owners understand, retain and leverage customers for growth including: conversations, customer cases, Net Promoter Score (NPS), knowledge base, forecasting, and more. This is built for customer success teams to propel growth through happier, more successful customers. (Anticipated Launch: Late 2017 - Early 2018)

HubSpot Conversations: HubSpot Conversations will be a Shared, collaborative inbox to leverage one-to-one messages. You will be able to easily manage live chat, email, social media, and more. This is built for customer-facing teams including marketing to help you grow your business through one-to-one messages. (Anticipated Launch: Late 2017 - Early 2018)

Chat Bots: HubSpot acquired Motion AI last week. Why is Artificial Intelligence so important to start thinking about in your marketing strategy? Technology has changed the way we communicate. Today, people expect to interact with businesses when, where, and how they want. Bots allow us to do exactly that, helping growing businesses scale one-to-one communications. With HubSpot's Motion.ai acquisition, soon anyone will be able to build a chatbot to communicate with customers on their terms — no technical skills required. (Anticipated Launch: 2018)

HubSpot Sales Product Updates:

HubSpot also had some major updates to HubSpot Sales to help sales teams, managers and executives get better insight into the sales process.

  • Manage a more streamlined sales process with advanced deal & task automation tools, and robust team management features.
  • Analyze sales performance and understand your holistic sales process custom dashboards and reporting features.
  • Dynamic email templates, document tracking, and automated meeting calendar functionality.
  • Connect with more of the right prospects using web chat, predictive lead scoring, and automated email sequences.

HubSpot Integrations:

Along with all of the great updates from HubSpot, there are also some fantastic new integration partners that have been added to HubSpot Connect to check out as well, including:

As you can see, the features of HubSpot continue to grow and make the lives of marketers and sales professionals more streamlined, with enhanced analytics and ways to continue to connect and engage with prospects and customers. We invite you to set up a free 30-day trial of HubSpot's product to see these features for yourself.  

You can also schedule a strategic 30-minute inbound marketing consultation with our team to see how you can  maximize your inbound marketing efforts.

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Elyse Flynn Meyer

Posted by Elyse Flynn Meyer

Elyse Flynn Meyer is the Owner and Founder of Prism Global Marketing Solutions, an inbound marketing agency and HubSpot Platinum Partner based in Phoenix, Arizona. Elyse is the author of the book, Mastering Inbound Marketing Your Complete Guide to Building a Results-Driven Inbound Strategy. She is a frequent contributor to Forbes on digital marketing, and was named Marketer of the Year by the American Marketing Association.