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Elyse Flynn Meyer Joins Valley Leadership's Ready Together Program

Posted by Prism Global Marketing Solutions

Prism Global Marketing Solutions is thrilled to announce that Elyse Flynn Meyer has been selected to join Valley Leadership's exclusive program, Ready Together, a virtual cohort of professionals designed to mobilize Arizonans to make an impact in the face of coronavirus. The cohort was selected from a diverse cross-section of industries ranging from health care, housing and food security to jobs and education, including front line workers, teachers, corporate and nonprofit leaders, small business owners and public officials.

Ready Together will prepare leaders to identify and solve the pressing issues further exposed by the pandemic. Because this is Valley Leadership’s first virtual program, people from across the state are taking part, joining the diverse cohort that will bring together people with different experiences and viewpoints.


“As Valley Leadership continues our drive toward impact, we are excited to welcome this diverse and well-rounded group into the Valley Leadership family. This is such an important time in our state’s history, and we look forward to learning from and empowering these individuals to have deep impact on our Valley and the state.” – Valley Leadership CEO, Dave Brown

Guided by Valley Leadership’s Principles of Doing—being driven to do; putting Arizona first; building trust; having a team mindset; and acting with integrity—Ready Together will utilize the strength of Valley Leadership’s proven approach to empowering Arizonans to lead. Content and discussions will draw from the expertise and experiences of thought leaders, subject matter experts across industries and essential front-line workers facing the daily challenges of the pandemic. Ready Together will address the need for collaboration and systems building, the gaps of personal success based on where you live and the inspiring power of everyday leadership.

"What tomorrow holds for the health of Arizona’s families, our children’s success and the strength of our economy will depend on the resiliency and leadership of people throughout our communities. The organization’s long-standing mission is to empower, leverage and mobilize leaders for impact, and Ready Together sets that mission into action." – Valley Leadership Board President, Michelle McGinty

"I am honored to be a part of this dynamic group of valley leaders to put a plan into action to help Arizonans emerge from this crisis stronger and ready to tackle the most pressing issues facing the state due to the pandemic." - Elyse Flynn Meyer, Owner & Founder, Prism Global Marketing Solutions.

If you have any questions, feel free to connect with Elyse at elyse.meyer@prismglobalmarketing.com.

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Prism Global Marketing Solutions

Posted by Prism Global Marketing Solutions

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