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B2B Case Study: 21% Increase in Sales Qualified Leads & 97% Increase in Revenue

Posted by Elyse Flynn Meyer | 4 Minutes to Read

There are thousands of companies around the globe using HubSpot. Many of these companies are working with a HubSpot dedicated partner to help them strategize and develop cohesive inbound marketing campaigns to maximize their use of HubSpot. But, most importantly, working with these agencies helps companies drive the marketing results they are looking to achieve. 

Companies often ask us to show comparable tangible results of companies before working with us as an agency and after working with us as their agency. So, we’ve decided to show you precisely the results you can achieve when you choose to utilize HubSpot software in tandem with partnering with a HubSpot certified agency to maximize your results.

One of our clients, a premium corporate gifting company, used HubSpot for over four years. While they were using some tools in HubSpot, they were not using all the available tools and not their full capability. This caused gaps in their marketing and sales process and, most importantly, in reporting analytics to determine the most effective campaigns. Specifically, they wanted help from our agency in the following areas:

- Generating more organic search volume on keywords important for their business
- Optimizing their website conversion to drive more sales qualified leads
- Improving the sales reporting process to ensure the right members of the team had accurate reporting on sales performance
- Ensuring optimal communication between sales and marketing to share successes and opportunities regarding all sales and marketing efforts

Our team did a full HubSpot audit of their digital marketing strategy leveraging HubSpot tools and their prior inbound results to identify short and long-term opportunities. While this company was already using HubSpot, several improvements could be made quickly to see an even greater ROI. Through this process, we made the following recommendations AND implementations:

  • Optimized search engine optimization and conversion rate optimization:
    Our team conducted a complete analysis of this organization's search engine optimization, including page-level recommendations for target keywords, page titles, meta descriptions, content, and overall navigation improvements. In addition, we developed a conversion rate optimization plan to increase the conversion of a website visitor to a qualified lead for the sales team. 
    - 63% increase in website sessions
    - 133% increase in leads

    COnversion Rate Optimization-1
  • Moved external landing pages hosted on WordPress to HubSpot:

    When you have your landing pages hosted on HubSpot, you receive detailed information on the performance of that page, including new contact rate, conversion rate, source of traffic (which is critical to see at the page level), and overall trends over time in all these areas. This helps you to make more informed marketing decisions. 

    Cultivate LP Performance

    • Over 12,700 landing page views as a result of email promotion, social media promotion, search engine optimization, and link/CTA placement throughout website and blogs
    • Over 1,350 landing page submissions
    • Over 550 new contacts
    • 161% increase in new contacts from organic traffic alone
    • 10.75% landing page view to submission rate

      Note: This level of data was not available on WordPress, which was an issue when assessing the landing page performance. Now there is a level of transparency in HubSpot to determine the pages generating ROI and the pages that need improvement.

  • Focused on a batch email strategy to re-engage existing contacts:
    This company creates great content like checklists, white papers, catalogs, and more, but they weren't promoting this content to their audience. If you don’t engage with your contacts by email, they forget that they opted in and move on to a competitor. By engaging with existing contacts, you re-engage the prospect to become a new opportunity in your pipeline. Just because someone entered your funnel last year does not mean they are not qualified. This may be the right time for them to be re-engaged, so leverage the tools at your disposal to do that.
    • Over 350 landing page submissions from email (300 existing contacts and 50 new contacts)
    • 333% increase in new contacts from email
    • Over 2,600 contacts re-engaged with emails in a 12-month period that had not previously engaged in an email. We did this by integrating Seventh Sense, a HubSpot integration leveraging AI to personalize email send times. See how send time optimization works.

  • Implemented progressive & dependent forms to increase Sales Qualified Leads: 

    When using a static form, the same fields will appear with the same form fields each time the form is loaded. However, if the contact filling out your form is already a contact in HubSpot, you can use progressive fields to set another field to appear in its place. This helps make your forms more efficient to gather more information for your sales team. You can also display additional fields based on your contacts' responses to a previous field with dependent form functionality. 

    Cultivate Form Performance
    • 126% increase in total form views
    • 293% increase in total form submissions
    • 74% increase in total form conversion rate 
    • 21% increase in sales qualified leads (SQLs)
      Sales Qualified Leads

  • Added dynamic and multivariate calls-to-action (CTAs) on the website:

    Dynamic CTAs display a customized button to your visitors based on their HubSpot contact record data. For example, suppose someone has already downloaded a piece of content. In that case, you can display another piece of content in that same call-to-action, so they have another opportunity to re-engage. Multivariate CTAs help you show your contacts different variations (colors, content, actions, and more) to understand which aspects of the CTA are most engaging. 

    • 65% increase in total CTA views
    • 62% increase in total CTA clicks
    • 1,000% increase in total submissions from those CTA clicks

  • Created pop-up forms for lead-generating offers and blog signup:
    With pop-up forms on your website, you can create new ways to engage new contacts and re-engage existing contacts on your website without having to send visitors to a landing page. You can leverage exit intent, slide-in modules, and banner pop-ups to add interactivity and a more seamless way to convert. While this company was hesitant to implement pop-up forms, we have successfully generated new contacts and re-engaged existing prospects with this tool in HubSpot. 
    • Over 115 total pop-up form submissions
    • Over 50 new contacts generated
      Below is an example of the performance of one of the pop-up forms.
Pop-Up Form-1
  • Optimized sales processes and reporting:
    This organization uses HubSpot Sales for managing prospects, deals, and current customers but was having a challenge with reporting and data management. As a result, we worked with them on the following optimizations to improve communication with sales and marketing and provide better reporting to senior leadership:
    - Revamped the properties and data being used by the Sales team to avoid duplicate properties and unnecessary data entry.
    - Updated the contact, company, and deal creation view so the sales team all had the same view of their records. In addition, we customized the required fields they needed to populate to move a contact to the next stage of the buying cycle. This ensured the sales team captured the appropriate information about the prospect and that marketing had the information they needed to report on deals from marketing initiatives. 
    - Developed new sales dashboards to help the senior leadership team have a better sense of the pipeline. The report included tracking: days to close, new deals by week by rep, meetings by rep, calls by rep, deal conversion by rep, and more. This gave the sales team and marketing leadership a clear view of sales performance.


  • 21% increase in sales qualified leads (SQLs)
    Sales Qualified Leads
  • Over 525 contacts re-engaged by requesting a quote to become a sales qualified lead (the most bottom of the funnel offer). 
  • 97% increase in annual revenue
    Annual Revenue

Screen Shot 2022-03-09 at 1.38.34 PM

If you're looking to achieve similar results as the company featured in this case study, we invite you to speak with one of our inbound marketing experts today. We will discuss your current marketing and sales goals, how you're leveraging HubSpot, and the potential impact you could achieve when working with a HubSpot partner. 

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Elyse Flynn Meyer

Posted by Elyse Flynn Meyer

Elyse Flynn Meyer is the Owner and Founder of Prism Global Marketing Solutions, an inbound marketing agency and HubSpot Platinum Partner based in Phoenix, Arizona. Elyse is the author of the book, Mastering Inbound Marketing Your Complete Guide to Building a Results-Driven Inbound Strategy. She is a frequent contributor to Forbes on digital marketing, and was named Marketer of the Year by the American Marketing Association.