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Case Study: Agricen Drives 495% More Webinar Registrations & 617% Increase in Facebook Clicks with GoChime and HubSpot

Posted by Elyse Meyer

How effectively are you utilizing social media remarketing to connect with your existing lead and customer base? While there is always a great deal of focus around generating new leads and new customers, connecting with individuals who are already in your pipeline is equally important.  Through the GoChime and HubSpot integration, we are able to target specific ads to individuals at every stage of the pipeline.  

So how does it work? GoChime finds your existing leads and customers on Facebook by anonymously matching their email addresses to their Facebook profiles, creating a unique audience that can be used for multiple ad strategies. This allows you to create incredibly targeted segments, and reconnect with individuals who may have disengaged in the last few months, or those that you want to move further through the marketing and sales funnel.

We would like to share with you how we worked with one of our clients to engage their already existing lists in HubSpot to retarget them and re-engage them on Facebook, while also generating new leads through targeted Lookalike audiences. 

About Agricen:

agricen_logo.pngAgricen, a Loveland Products Company, is an agricultural technology company delivering biochemical-based solutions for efficient and sustainable plant nutrition. Agricen's solutions help growers adapt to the rapidly changing demands of modern agriculture by providing the most effective tools to increase nutrient availability and uptake, improve sustainability and increase yields.

The Challenge:

Agricen knew from HubSpot's sources report that Facebook was an engaged audience, but had not yet fully capitalized on its lead generation potential. Agricen had been very successfully using Facebook Boosted Posts, but were unable to retarget their existing HubSpot leads or Facebook Lookalike Audiences modeled on HubSpot leads on Facebook in an automated fashion.

The Solution:

We worked with Agricen to execute Facebook ads in parallel with the existing email and content marketing for three main use cases:

  1. Overall Branding & Blog Subscriptions: The first use case is an overall branding campaign to drive Newsletter/Blog Subscriptions. We synced a Smart List of existing Agricen clients from HubSpot to GoChime, then created and targeted Facebook Lookalike Audiences with mobile and desktop Facebook Page Post Link Ads. Using additional Facebook targeting parameters  overlaid on top of the Facebook Lookalike Audience, Agricen was able to add further refinements tailored to their content.
  2. Webinar Registrations: The second use case is for generating leads for a quarterly webinar - a pivotal step in Agricen’s lead nurturing cycle. To do this, we synced several smart lists including:
    • Individuals who had not opened their webinar invitation
    • Individuals who had opened but had not clicked their webinar invitation
    • Individuals who had visited the landing page for the webinar, but have not yet converted to a webinar registrant
  3. Premium Content Downloads/Lead Generation: The third use case is for lead generation for many of Agricen's premium content offers. Agricen has a wide variety of case studies, whitepapers, videos and more on their website, and this offers many opportunities to engage members of their list who have not yet downloaded certain pieces of content. For example, we will regularly run Facebook campaigns using GoChime that targets a list of individuals who have not yet downloaded certain whitepapers. You can see the information from GoChime below showing the Facebook retargeting using HubSpot's lists, and the additional new lead generation component utilizing Facebook Lookalike Audiences from this particular HubSpot smart list.


The Results:

Agricen_Success.pngUsing HubSpot to deliver webinar invitation emails and GoChime for webinar invitation Facebook ads, Agricen achieved an immediate lift in webinar attendance. In just the first month of using GoChime in combination with HubSpot, these targeted campaigns created a 495% lift in webinar registrations compared to prior webinars.

Over the course of the next three months, these campaigns would continue to drive 156% lift across Newsletter Signups and Webinar Registrations from Facebook than Agricen was generating using Facebook Boosted Posts and email marketing.

Furthermore, Agricen generated significant ancillary Facebook-specific activity including:

  • 617% increase in Clicks
  • 25% increase in Followers
  • 10% increase in Interactions


Across all campaigns over the first 90-day time period, there was a 68% overall lift in leads for Agricen. In addition, we see an average of an 8% - 10% conversion rate on GoChime campaigns because the lists are so much more targeted, and we can connect HubSpot insights and analytics to Facebook campaigns.

Facebook may not seem like the optimal channel to generate leads and deep engagement for a B2B company like Agricen. What we found is that the channel doesn’t matter if we are able to reach our prospects through the channel that is most familiar to them, which Facebook is for many of our prospects.” states Peter Ruzicka, Agricen’s VP of Marketing. 

Not only has the GoChime integration with HubSpot helped to increase qualified traffic and leads, it also allows Agricen to continue to stay in front of their prospects and customers on a channel that is most comfortable to them, and where they are spending the most time online. 

If you haven't tried the GoChime and HubSpot integration, we invite you to schedule a complimentary content marketing consultation with our team to learn more about how GoChime and HubSpot can work together to engage your existing leads and drive new leads with Facebook remarketing.

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