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Inbound Marketing Insights

3 Ways to Perfect the Art of Branding Through Inbound Marketing

Posted by Emmi Edwards

University_of_Arizona_logoAs a junior in the Eller College of Management at the University of Arizona, my marketing professors have discussed branding with my classmates and I countless times.  It always seems to return to the topic of how Eller brands itself within the University of Arizona community.  I have since noticed the various inbound marketing techniques Eller uses in order to reach out to their students, myself included. With e-mail marketing, social media, and website optimization, Eller is both persistent and consistent in their marketing efforts.

Here's a well-known example:  The University of Arizona “A” logo is always a part of everything Eller does as well. Check out the great deal of history behind that famous ‘A’!  Here are examples of three ways Eller makes their marketing stand out, but also stays consistent with the branding for the University of Arizona.

Screenshot_2014-03-24_06.11.42Email Marketing

Keeping students (customers) engaged can be difficult, but Eller doesn't even give you a chance to stop thinking about their brand, and that's a good thing. Every Sunday, I receive a ‘Suit Up Sunday’ email, giving an agenda of Eller’s activities for the upcoming week. Every Tuesday, I receive a list of internships available in my field.  Every Wednesday I’m sent a list of full-time job opportunities. These e-mails are consistent, reminding me of the Eller brand, and how Eller is continually helping me to progress professionally. Most importantly, the content is worthy, and as we know, it’s all about having great content!

Social Media Marketing 

Eller isn't just marketing to college kids.  Eller's social media posts are followed, "liked," and retweeted by thousands of people, of all ages. Continually active all day, every day, Eller utilizes their branding all over social media. They are fond of posting “throwback Thursdays” of both faculty and other memorable ‘Eller’ moments that always seem to impress students. Eller’s presence on Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, and more, is a way in which they are constantly connecting with their followers. People tend to check their phones over 150 times per day...Why wouldn’t Eller want to be front and center with their social media

Screenshot_2014-03-24_06.15.18Website Marketing

What is the first thing I notice when I land on Eller’s website? Is it the variety of calls-to-actions I can click on? Is it is the neatly organized rows? No, what visually stands out to me are the colors and the presence of Wildcat pride I feel. The website is Red, Blue, and White...the University of Arizona colors.  The Eller logo is big and bold, and behold, the branding has begun. You can learn about Eller’s various ventures, students, major news, faculty, and if you feel inclined, you can donate. This website has several calls-to-actions, fantastic content, and pulls you in with that extra bit of inspiration. 

The University of Arizona is clearly a pro at branding, as well as inbound marketing. These three examples of email, social media, and website marketing are not only interesting, but show how a university differentiates itself from the competition with great content and contact skills.

If you’re just simply interested in the university, check out these 10 facts you should know about the UofA!  Also, join us in cheering on our Wildcats in March Madness!  Looking forward to Thursday's game against SDSU!

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Thank you to the Eller College of Management for the provided images. Images taken from Eller social media pages, Eller subdomain, and Eller newsletters.

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